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Walk the Talk 2018

  • Incorporating a Treatment Co-ordinator may not seem easy or beneficial at first. Attend this session and if you haven't already got one you might want to find one! Apply the skills I share with you in your Practice and you and your Team will transcend excellence in customer service . Drive better results and build yourself a stronger Practice.

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2 familiar subjects but with a fresh, innovative twist that will leave you wondering why you had NEVER been told this stuff before. They will not only give leverage to you as a person but will enhance the whole performance of your Team. In fact they plug the vacuum left by so many training programmes and the reason nothing changes or gets implemented! Get yourself on one or both of these - you won't be disappointed.

Award Winning Customer Service Workshop

  • Discover and understand what it is that sets award winning Practices and their Teams apart. This 1 Day Workshop, with myself Tracy Stuart, is a very fresh & innovative approach that will impact how dentistry and your Practice is presented by working at a much deeper level on the people within it. I guarantee it is going to challenge your beliefs and your thinking and everything you may have already been told about how excellence in Customer Service can be achieved.
  • Who should attend? Perfect for anyone who is customer facing from Reception and into the Surgery too!
  • All attendees will receive a FREE copy of my new release - How to identify your Team Type. When an owner and their Practice manager understand this your pathway to achieving more success is inevitable.
  • 1 Day Workshop ONLY £250 PP (Inc VAT)

Don't miss out. To reserve your place - Call Tracy Stuart on 01438 217944

Personal Growth & Development Workshop

  • Do you feel like you've got un-tapped potential if only you knew how or what it was!
  • Join me at this EXCLUSIVE 1 Day Transformational Workshop.
  • Take the test to find out if you are who you think you are.
  • This 1 Day Workshop is like no other - developed by myself to delve deep into drivers, triggers, behaviours and outcomes.
  • We will define why you behave as you do; how your behaviours impact your environment; why your Team may have conflicting energies and how to handle these to improve performance; what makes some clients buy from you when others don't; in fact why your innermost feelings may be getting in your way. By tapping into this knowledge you will come to understand fully the potential you really have and where and how it can be best utilised.
  • This Personal Growth & Development programme has been a real revelation to those I have shared this with. Once acknowledged its proved invaluable in transforming their performance and their lives just through a deeper understanding of themselves.
  • Who should attend? Ideal for Dental Practitioners, Dental Nurses, TCO's, Hygienists, Receptionists - in fact anyone on your Team.
  • ALL attendees will receive a FREE personalised 17 page report outlining strengths, key traits, untapped potential. With every up there's a down but by highlighting those weaker areas too, you will be able to navigate your pathway to handle them better or avoid them in the future.
  • Excusive 1 Day Workshop £250 pp (Inc VAT)

To get on board - Call Tracy Stuart on 01438 217944

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